Game Types and Preferences

January 23, 2012

Games are amazingly varied, and everyone has their preferences, which is why I hate “Game of the Year” awards and game ranking systems.

Personally, I prefer RPGs, shooters, and puzzles. Honestly, first-person puzzles are my number one favorite of any genres. Portal better be the first thing that comes to your mind. =.=

First-person puzzles interest me because I like mental challenges, and being in the first-person makes your perspective of a situation more limited and often more difficult to figure out. I also feel as if the first-person perspective is more involving – as if I’m actually the person in the game solving the puzzles and achieving the near-impossible.

For me, the most important aspect of any game is involvement. As previously stated, I enjoy feeling like I am part of the game, and really, what else makes a game a game aside from involvement? Otherwise it’s a movie. That should state my idea of the most important quality in a game – Gameplay. My priorities are, in order: Gameplay, Story, and then lastly Graphics. I don’t care about how amazing the graphics are if the gameplay sucks. I could be looking at a game that is the most realistic representation of someone taking a crap, but I really wouldn’t think anything of it unless it’s amazingly fun.


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6 Responses to “Game Types and Preferences”

  1. airtr00per said

    If you like first-person puzzle games, you should try out Q.U.B.E. when you get the chance, its pretty fun; from what I played, that is.

  2. I really hate “Game of the Year” awards too because what makes a game “good” is so subjective and varies greatly between the player. Hey someone may really want to play the crap simulator.

  3. We gotta play Portal 2 co-op together sometime.

  4. henx125 said

    Gotta agree with you on how important the player’s involvement with a game is – If you aren’t participating then how can there be the a high enough level of immersion that games should have to draw you in? And if the game isn’t fun then it doesn’t matter how nice it looks… If I wanted great graphics and no gameplay I could look out the window 😛

  5. In regards to what you like in video games, I feel the same why. I love a challenge and to be good, which is mostly why I play call of duty. lol

  6. smccall14 said

    I love portal! I’ve played through it like 8 times. I love how the whole puzzle has to do with physics and motion. Is there another game out there that uses physics as a puzzle? [qwop doesn’t count]

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