LATE: First Taste of Freedom

January 30, 2012

This is intended for last week… Sorry for posting late- I’ll explain why later in the post….

So this is our first free blog post, right?

Well, I just finished up with a game development competition at SCAD: Atlanta known as Global Game Jam! I was the lead programmer on a team of only freshmen! We’ve been hard at work preparing for this event for the past week, which is why I’m late with this post and all of my assignments…

We built our game from the ground-up in C# and XNA. Compared to a bunch of the other teams, that’s a fair accomplishment. I think we were also the only all-freshman team.

So yeah, about our game: It surrounds ancient Greek mythology. You progress through levels by killing the enemies then reaching the bottom of the map. Yes, you must kill them all. Then, after you’ve reached the boss (level 3) you have to kill him. Only problem? He’s immortal. How do you kill an immortal? Destroy his source of immortality! Ancient stone pillars curse him to be immortal, to suffer alone forever. Who is he exactly? CERBERUS! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Good luck…

We didn’t get around to making the final boss, or even implement killing. but we got a nice chunk done for what we were doing!


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