How do games work at the fundamental computing level?

February 5, 2012

So, I’m very interested in how games work at the lowest level (As close to the hardware as possible), so I’m going to do some digging about and post here:

How do Graphics cards make graphic processing better?

To begin with, they have their own motherboard for data collection and handling.
The graphics card has its own RAM, even in small quantities
They process the graphics on their own, borrowing some RAM from the computer’s main central processing unit for easier / unmanaged tasks.
Like everything else computer based, they process the images based on a series of binary commands. Generally, color is represented in a series of three bytes (sets of 8 bits/ (true/false) statements) because 8 bits together can represent a maximum integer (non-decimal number) of 255.
The graphics card assembles the 3D models in a wire-frame form using the point-line data, then rasterizes the image (fills in the pixels inbetween points and lines) using color data, lighting information, vertex-normals (face direction on the models), and developer-set rendering computations.

So that’s what I managed to find. Some of it comes from these resources-

And Here

If you want to check them out for yourself! The rest of it comes from my very limited knowledge of programming and data management. I’m trying to become a graphic programmer for games, so knowing this will be a valuable resource in the future! 😀

Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to see what everyone else researched.


2 Responses to “How do games work at the fundamental computing level?”

  1. billf0 said

    The other benefit to a graphics card is it does nothing but draw images and therefore the engineers are able to fine tune it to get the best preference from it, where as the main CPU has a much broader range of tasks it must preform and is therefor not able to focus 100% on graphics

  2. airtr00per said

    Hey AirAKose, since you know so much now, you should find a way to make my graphics card not suck! Just kidding, the only thing that can help that is to buy a new one.

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