March 5, 2012

What’s happening to all of the arcades? Why are they diminishing? Are consoles to blame?

Yeah, yeah. Consoles are stealing from arcades simply because of price. You make one payment for a console game and get it forever. Arcade games require constant repeated payments throughout.

That aside- this past Tuesday I went to Dave n’ Busters with our composition class and saw a ton of awesome arcade games you couldn’t experience on a console. At least not to that extent. One such game was a combination of a flight simulator / dog fight / tank game in which you took a suspended helmet and rotated it to aim as you fend off enemy troops or battle other air-borne enemies. Another game was the popular Monkey Ball we all recognize from various consoles, but this one had an actual ball as a controller! You rotate the ball to navigate through the zig-zagging obstacles of the monkey-ball world. The faster you spin the ball, the more you accelerate! It was amazingly addicting.

Then, there were some touch-screen games that you could purchase for a tablet or other device, but because they were on massive touch-screens, the experience was considerably better. And the fact that you got tickets towards prizes for playing them! Ugh! So much fun stuff. I should never have gone, because now I’m tempted to return! It’s ad that true arcades are dying out, though. I know where they’re going, I think. My friend invited me to go to a console-hub with her this coming weekend. It’s like an arcade, but instead of the massive machines we’re accustomed to, it hosts well-known consoles locked behind glass cases with dozens of popular games up for play. The hub has an entrance fee, and a per-game fee that you pay to swap out games, but aside from that it doesn’t cost that much. I’m actually looking forward to going.


One Response to “Arcades”

  1. sfxscull said

    It is true that arcades are harder to find these days, but I like that with consoles, you don’t have to constantly pay for the game again and again.

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