Repetition is the Key… To Skimming

April 9, 2012

So both articles that we are supposed to read for Composition class are very repetitive.

One of them is 8 myths about video games: debunked. It’s more like two- Video games make people violent and Video Games make people dumb, but reworded and restated multiple times. I have to say that I agree, video games only affect those who let them affect you in such a way- as in parents who allow their child to become violent and use video games as a medium to project their violence through. My little brother, for instance, has always had anger issues since he was a toddler; nothing changed when he first picked up Halo: Combat Evolved. He remained just as violent, the game didn’t make it worse: if anything, it made him a bit better because he relieved his anger in the game. That said, we HAVE had to explain to him multiple things about why he can’t do certain tasks with guns like in the games, but then he could also pick those up from a book or something.


The other article has to do with mostly the effects of video games on the brain. It is also very repetitive and boring, but for the most part makes excellent points. Although, I have to add that it is up to the person whether or not they gain any information of use out of a game. If they just unwillingly sift through puzzles in a game they don’t care about, or mindlessly shoot the heads off of zombies without a single focus to improve, then they gain nothing. I know a TON of people like this, and I tend to avoid them because they’re annoying, mindless zombies while they play a game. Yet again: my little brother fits here. He gets nothing from a game, doesn’t want to put any effort into anything. He wants instant gratification and omnipotence in a game, thus uses cheat codes and sucks horribly at online games. *cough*CallOfDuty*cough*


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