April 12, 2012

Possible topics:

1) What makes someone a gamer?

2) PC gamers are more mature.

3) Video games kill social activity.

TOPIC: What makes someone a gamer?

A ton of people think they’re a professional gamer for playing one game for their entire life, and there are others who know a bunch of different games, but have never beat one and claim the same title. Who has the right? All over the internet, you can easily find arguments and rants about what makes a gamer- from playing platform to game type to difficulty and skill. Many also online fights have to do with ignorance about a popular game or dislike of similar genres.

Personally, I have my own opinion that sits in more of a middle-ground. A ton of “gamers” only play one type of game or have no idea the immersive possibilities of games. If you don’t think games could be an art, or lack the ability to see the appeal to see another person’s interest in certain games despite their own disinterest. To be able to dissect a game within your own knowledge and not stretch beyond that to be an ass and try to look like a know-it-all. Those are just my opinions at this moment, they might change after some research- actually, they probably will.

So, some questions to look into:

1) Variety –vs- hours?

2) Opinions on skill level?

3) Do game ratings matter?


One Response to “Topics”

  1. I really like this blog because it’s true. We technically, in a way or another, are gamers. I don’t think how many hours you put into gaming makes you a gamer. I think it matters on quality and skill levels.

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