April 23, 2012

So for this blog I found this article

It’s about the next level of gaming and the immersive possibilities of the future. It got me thinking about the immersion in games and the attitude towards immersion thanks to this evil thing known as casual gaming. I don’t normally mind casual gaming on its own, but its casual gamers and their attitude towards gaming in general that annoys me.

Casual gamers are of the opinion that all games should be more like mini-games. That any game longer than 5 minutes per session are devil-sent influences and sociability murderers.
The thing that surprised me about this report, though, is that the author, DocSeuss, wrote about a modder who thinks immersion is evil. This is why I tell modders to learn real game development, learn the terminology, and gain a respect for other game genres BEFORE even trying to become a game developper. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be working on a project you necessarily agree with and you won’t jump straight to the lead role in game development. Just a respect, you don’t have to LIKE it.
I really like how the author of the article delves into the definition of immersion, the applications of it, and examples of its uses. He gives some great examples at that and tells how it could be furthered in the future through game development in itself, not little toys and gimmicks. I wholeheartedly agree, although I think little gimmicks are fun personally. 😉


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