My Console Timeline

January 16, 2012

Gaming has given us quite a few home-consoles through the years; however, I have only had the privilege of owning 7 of them in total.
I remember every single one perfectly. I have owned a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), GameBoy Advanced, Gamecube, Nintendo DS, Xbox, Xbox360, and a Wii.

Notice how something is missing: my family has never owned a single Sony game system. I have no idea why, but my parents have some harsh feelings against Sony. I don’t share this spite, but I also lack knowledge of Sony, so sorry Playstation fan boys, I can’t argue too well for you when console wars start, but at least I won’t argue against you. ^^’ I’m personally a Nintendo fanboy. That said, I’ll admit to their faults, but that’s another topic.
Yes, an HTML box. I know HTML! And CSS! MWAHAHAHA

My earliest memory of gaming is probably playing Super Mario Bros on the SNES when I was maybe 2, 3, or 4 years old. The games we had at the time were: Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Country, Alien, and some shoot-em-up I can’t remember the name of.

Even though I started playing when I was so young, my parents were strict. I could only play when my room was clean, after we had dinner and I had eaten my veggies, and for only 1 hour every day. They’ve since relaxed their rules considerably for my younger brother, and now he NEVER gets off of the computer. *shrug* Aww well.

Yeah, so now, despite having owned the consoles, I’m more of a PC gamer, simply for the portability, variety, and such. And programming stuff, you can’t forget that!
Well, Until Monday, Adios.