February 26, 2012

Despite the constant raves about the series, I never touched the games about that small purple dragon who never seems to age.

So this past Tuesday in Composition class, when we had the gaming day where we brought in new games, I watched someone playing “Spyro: The Dragon” on the original Playstation. (I would’ve played, but it’s a single-player game)
The game looks like a general action-adventure 3D platformer with an interesting art style and some very original animations. You can glide, breathe fire, and charge into enemies. It has some interesting mechanics for the time that it came out.

I would like to try the series a bit more. I have heard some fair ratings about it, though they were mostly from long-time fans who love the nostalgia aspect of it. I have, however, heard that in the later games, the creators became a bit greedy and started making players pay for large portions of the game after their initial purchase, which highly besets me from any potential purchases and I don’t like pirating or emulating, so that’s not an option by any means.

Spyro could become my sort of game after growing up with Mario 64 and other such 3D platformers, but only a test-play will tell!